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29-10-2015 SPECIALE !!
Trekking sulle Dolomiti direttamente da Milano

ITA This is a special tour, directed from Milan or Malpensa airport, that gives you the unique opportunity to visit in 3 or 4 days of trekking some of the most beautiful and famous mountains of the Dolomites.
This tour has been designed for independent travelers with low budget and little time that have difficulty using public transport rather rare in Italy.


This tour can start from Milan (Lampugnano subway station); Milan Malpensa airport or Arona and surroundings.

1st Day

Departure and arrival at the agreed time in the Dolomites area after about 4 or 5 hours. (if the departure will be early in the morning you can do a little trekking also the first day)
2nd Day
Trekkig chosen from those on the list (departure time in the morning and return in the afternoon will be decided later);
3th Day
Trekkig chosen from those on the list;
(4th Day: Trekkig chosen from those on the list;)
Last day
Morning departure from the dolomites and arrival in the afternoon.

The program includes:dancer
• Transfers from Milan, Malpensa airport or Arona to Dolomites and comebeck in a car with driver;
• Transport by car to the starting point of the trek and comebeck. (total about 1.100 km);
• Any amount for parking places fee;
• Accommodation in a room with two or three beds with bathroom;
• Food, beverages and lodging for accompanying person.

The program does NOT include:naughty
• Lunches, dinners, unless otherwise specified and any other small personal expense;
• Tickets for the cable cars or minibuses that may be necessary to arrive to the starting point of the trek;
• Deviations not covered on the route;
• Anything else not specifically included.

The Lavaredo Peaks: These mountains are the symbol of the Dolomites, famous in all the world and therefore very crowded during the peak summer season.
From Misurina lake in about ten minutes drive along the paved road, price paid, we get to the parking near the Rif. Auronzo. The trek is a round trip of about 3 hours easy, that leaves and returns to the Rif. Auronzo (2320 mt), we arrive at Rifugio Lavaredo after about 15 minutes, the Rifugio Locatelli ( 2450 mt), after about an hour and a half, through the fork di Lavaredo and back to the starting point.
In winter if there is snow, the road to the Rif. Auronzo is closed. We will leave the car near Misurina Lake ( 1756 mt ) and go up on foot. In this case, the trek will start from Misurina Lake and will arrive to the Forcella of Lavaredo and return.

The Odle: You get bye car to the parking for a fee of Zanseralm (1,680 mt); From here starts a trek quite easy with a duration of about 4 hours then comes the Malga Glatsch, the Malga Dusler and Ref. Odle. Here we take a path that follows the base of Odle until you return to the starting point.
In winter if there is snow, trekking is the same but harder

Catinaccio: Trekking starts at Ref. Gardeccia (1949 mt). in summer there are two ways to get there: by cable car from Vigo di Fassa then path n.540 or by bus from the parking of the cable car in Pera di Fassa.
From Ref. Gardeccia we go up with the path to the Ref. Vajolet (2243 mt). built on the rocky spur of Porte Neigre, then go up through the valley of Vajolet along the Catinaccio of Antermoia to Rifugio. Passo Principe (2601 mt). We return on the same way.
In winter if there isn’t snow we can to drive up to two km on the road to Gardeccia then walk on paved road to the Ref. Gardeccia; if there is snow, this excursion can be very dangerous because of the Vajolet valley is subject to avalanches and we can only arrive to the Ref. Vajolet.

Pale of San Martino: In the summer we park the car in the parking of the Passo Rolle (1984 mt). From there it is up to Ref. Segantini (2174 mt ) with a bus. The route starts from Ref. Segantini, famous all over the world for the Pale di San Martino that are reflected in the lake. This is an easy trek of only 3 hours go and comeback.
We will arrive a top remote peak where there is a statue of Christ thinking (2333 mt). The point of arrival is an extraordinary balcony on the spectacular peaks of the north part of the Pale of San Martino.
The main protagonist is the unmistakable Cimon della Pala
In winter if there isn’t snow you can arrive by car to the ref. Segantini; if there is snow trekking starts at Passo Rolle.

Civetta mountains group: we arrive by car to the ref. Trieste (1135 m), continue along the path n.555, wide and easy forest road, that leads to the refuge Vazzoler.
From Ref. Vazzoler (1714 m) we continue along the path 560 coming up to Pian di Pelsa, a large grassy plain at the foot of the Tower Venice with a wonderful view of the tower and Trieste on mount Moiazza.
In winter if there is snow, trekking is the same but harder.

Sassopiatto: we will arrive by car to Ref. Passo Sella ( 2180 mt ). From here starts a trekking along the base of Sassopiatto following the panoramic path Friedrich August (4/557) and you will arrive to the Rif. Sasso Piatto (2300 mt).
We return by the same path.
In winter if there is snow, trekking is the same but harder.


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